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Small Company Management Engages Social Media

Social media and networking have become very popular tools amongst the business zone. Conglomerates, traders and entrepreneurs employ these platforms expansively to market their products and services to customers. But recently, a business segment of the government has instituted a highly advantageous use for platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and is enthusiastically using them to further their mission. In nexus to this, the Unites States Small Business Administration has recently linked social media platforms and has realized the value of using these platforms to assist small business proprietors. The SBA’s regional offices have been allocated a Facebook page and Twitter accounts for their utilization.

In a short span of time these new tools helped the agency achieve a winning start with these new-fangled connections. Presently there are over 2,500 followers on the agency’s Twitter account, and near about 5,000 people do like their Facebook page. The agency is also expecting that this figure will boost significantly as more small business possessors will soon find out about the resource, and as more individuals are being supported by this service.

The government is definitely not an alien entity to the cosmos of social networking and media. Exercising of social media was heavily indulged in when then Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, was campaigning for the White House. The way he deployed social media for himself actually led him to win the title and in this course of events many others also began using it in order to obtain favorable results. The SBA using social media as a tool for small business owners is a yet another exemplar of how effectual networking is and how favorable it can be for the users.

The SBA looks forward to proffer more tools and resources to business owners through these social platforms. The populace will be endowed with the prospects to acquire more customized business loan information, how-to business resources and to stay abreast on altering laws as it concerns their businesses.

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